Richard Burden was born into a hard working farm family that never thought twice about building what they needed or wanted. Through the years Rick has had many occupations and developed an extensive portfolio of experience in working with wood. After many years spent farming and felling timber, he moved into fabrication and discovered his love of woodworking as the means of creativity and expression he had been looking for.

With a willingness to build anything his customers wanted, Rick started Generation Woodworking in 1976–first making children’s toys, then tables and bookshelves, and now the finest work in doors, furniture, complete home interiors and more.  Rick began by reading and researching everything that he could find on woodworking and the tools of the trade, and by 1986 Generation Woodworking emerged as a top-of-the-line shop with all of the space and equipment a full-time custom woodworker could desire.

But it is Rick Burden’s richly honed skills and talents–as well as his deep well of philosophical knowledge and ethical values–that have informed his work over the 25+ years he has been in business.  His products reflect a gift not only for understanding the nature and utility of the woods he works with, but also the warmth with which he envisions, creates and perfects each piece. He produces beautifully crafted wood products that are revered by his clients as rendered by the hands of a master and the soul of an artist.

In Rick’s 35+ years of experience, he has come to an important conclusion:
Value Is Of The Utmost Importance.
He creates value through efficient techniques and the highest standard of quality.